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11 / 13 febbraio 2018 FieraMilanoCity - MICO

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NH HOTEL GROUP a Bit4Job il 03 APRILE a Milano

NH Hotel Group is a consolidated trusted operator and one of the leading urban hotel companies in Europe´s business segment with a wide presence in America. Over 35 years of experience makes it a reference in excellent service and customer care. The Company operates close to 400 hotels with almost 60,000 rooms in 28 countries across Europe, the Americas and Africa, including top destinations such as Berlin, Madrid, Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, Buenos Aires, London, Rome, Vienna, Bogota, Mexico City, Barcelona, Frankfurt and New York. In Italy, NH Hotel Group includes almost 50 hotels and 1300 employees.

Our values

The main motivation of the group is the satisfaction of each of their customers. More than 18.000 committed employees are the key to guarantee an excellent service. The company has solutions which adapt to the way of the guests work and interact, which make their experience memorable, exceeding their expectations and make them feel special.
NH Hotel Group hosts to more than sixteen million guests a year and offer them the best value for money in privileged locations.
As a responsible company, reference in the tourist industry, NH Hotel Group offers hotel services that anticipate the needs of all its stakeholders: Employees, Customers, Suppliers, Shareholders, Society and the Environment, taking the greatest care over detail and providing efficient and sustainable solutions. NH Hotel Group is traded on the Madrid stock exchange.

Offerte di lavoro

MansioneLocalitàContrattoEsperienza minimaAlloggioInizio lavoro
Guest relation managerFirenzeDeterminatoNoImmediato
Chef de rangMessinaDeterminatoNo01/03/18
General managerTriesteDeterminatoNoImmediato
Guest relation managerSalernoDeterminatoNo01/04/18
Capo partitaSalernoDeterminatoNo01/04/18
Cameriere salaSalernoDeterminatoNo01/04/18
Aiuto cuocoSalernoDeterminatoNo06/04/18
Cameriere salaParmaStageNoImmediato
Capo partitaTorinoDeterminatoNoImmediato
Capo partitaMilanoDeterminatoNoImmediato
General managerMilanoDeterminatoNoImmediato
Front office managerRomaDeterminatoNoImmediato
Generico cucinaVeneziaDeterminatoNo01/03/18
Capo partitaVeneziaDeterminatoNo01/03/18
Chef cucinaVeneziaDeterminatoNo01/03/18
Cameriere salaVeneziaDeterminatoNo01/03/18
Chef de rangVeneziaDeterminatoNo01/03/18
Front office managerVeneziaDeterminatoNo01/03/18
Cameriere salaMilanoStageNoImmediato
Chef cucinaGenovaDeterminatoNoImmediato
Chef cucinaMilanoDeterminatoNoImmediato
General managerMilanoDeterminatoNo01/03/18
Executive assistant managerMilanoDeterminatoNoImmediato
F&B managerVeneziaDeterminatoNoImmediato